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Survivor South Pacific; Season 23 Filming Location Upolu, Samoa Survivors 18 Winner Monica Runner(s)-up Winston Gabi Returnees Alyssa (31,36) Austin (26,48). Survivor South Pacific six-disc set includes all 14 episodes and the reunion, plus the following bonus materials Meet the Cast -- An introduction to Survivor's 23rd season contestants Exit Interviews - The extended exit interviews held immediately after contestants are voted off.

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season of television series.

Eighteen castaways compete in Samoa for 1 million, but ousted players go to Redemption Island. Table key. edit.


. With 16 newbies, two returning captains, and. OVERVIEW.

Dalton Ross introduces 16 of the men and women competing for 1M in the ''South Pacific'' season starting Sept. season of television series.

The sixteen new castaways have mixed reactions to the return of Coach and Ozzy, two of the game's most memorable players, and an.

A brand new sole Survivor has been crowned, which means its time to rank Season 43 in our list below.

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Survivor South Pacific. Statements.

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This is the second straight season that women have been the first three vote-outs, and the 8th.
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Survivor South Pacific came down to a single decision.

Palau (Season 10) A likable cast of new players begins the season with a surprising twist, and it leads to interesting relationships, lively group.

Statements. 14, including a. 14, including a ''Nashville Star,'' a former Miss Washington, and a new face with a.

Coming on the heels of Survivors much-maligned 22nd season, Redemption Island, South Pacific feels like more of the same at first glance. Thursday 3162023 at 509PM EDT. (Cast List) This season featured 16 brand new castaways along with two returning "captains" from past seasons. South Pacific is the third season to feature a pattern in which the tribe that wins each Immunity Challenge alternates each episode, following. Table key.

Not feeling close with his Savaii tribemates, and not willing to trust his fate in the game to pulling rocks in a.

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season of television series.

Survivor South Pacific The Spoiler Free Review This season, while named after its location, is essentially Survivor Redemption Island 2, Electric Boogaloo.

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The castaways are divided into two tribes and compete in their first immunity challenge, with the losing team sending.