Smith said, via Memphis Mafia Kid on YouTube , that Wayne did ask, and more than once.

Recently, Smith appeared on his son.

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Getty Images Michael Ochs Archives, Memphis Mafia Kid YouTube.

Billy Smith described Elviss bedroom on the YouTube channel he and his wife, Jo, host. (You have to assume this took place in the time after Priscilla and before Linda Thompson. The bedrooms appearance has been described by people who were quite close to the King of Rock and Roll, among them Billy Smith, his cousin, and Lisa Marie, Elvis daughter.

After all, Smith is the Kings cousin.

Jul 2, 2021 Billy Smith said that he knew there was something special about Elvis Presley the first time he watched the King work in the studio. Smith claims that Elvis was always hardest on. Billy Smith is one of those great sources of Elvis Presley information.

Sounds like that urban legend has yet to be confirmed or denied. .

Oct 29, 2016 Elvis Presleys first entourage was his cousins and high school pal Red West, eventually other people attached themselves, circling Elvis in various degrees of closeness.

Billy was Elvis&39; cousin and the closest guy to him He a.

Elvis Cousin Billy Smith and his. .

. Feb 10, 2021 Elvis Presley died at lunchtime on August 16, 1977 and spent his last evening (in the early hours of that morning) with his cousin Billy Smith.

Priscilla has previously spoken about how she and Elvis came up with Lisa Marie&39;s name - and.
Mar 7, 2013 June 30, 1956.

During a recent question and answer.

Jul 14, 2021 Presleys iconic Graceland Mansion once had a bat in its attic.

Elvis Cousin Billy Smith and his Wife Jo talking about August 16, 1977. . Well now his cousin Billy Smith, who lived at Graceland with The King, has shared what the star really made of Halloween and trick or treating.

. Jun 24, 2022 Eight years younger, Billy Smith is the star&39;s cousin on his mother&39;s side. Elvis Presley Corbis. . Billy, is. .

Billy and his wife.

Sounds like that urban legend has yet to be confirmed or denied. During a recent question and answer.


Jul 5, 2021 The annual Elvis Presley Tupelo Festival went ahead as planned this year after taking last year off due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

On his son Dannys YouTube channel, Smith recounted a time that he and Presley fought off a bat.

Billy Smith was Elvis first cousin, the son of Gladys Presleys oldest brother.

This happened back when the Kings cousin Billy Smith lived at the estate with the singer.